“Imelda May thinks inside the box with poetry behind glass walls at Latitude festival”
The Times

With its successful World premiere at this year’s Latitude Festival and staged within its own emotive ‘exploded’ environment ‘HALLOWED’ is a unique, immersive and participatory Performance Art project and installation. Conceived and ‘inhabited’ by established musical artist and poet Imelda May the launch of this premiere also marks the beginning of an exciting creative collaboration between Imelda and Ami Jade Cadillac.

"Dear Ami, you have made my dreams a reality. Like an angel of Art, a kindred spirit, you’ve given me the courage to fly!"

In partnership with Latitude and featuring impactful sound and visual design by collaborating artists Dom Jones & Luke Losey - Imelda’s project - co-produced by Lavish Design- is representative of the mental & emotional barriers that an artist has to push themselves through during the challenging time of giving birth and forming new ideas.

More often identified by her powerful dulcet voice & musical work as a songwriter, ‘HALLOWED’ is at its heart a connective exploration of Imelda’s creative writing process, as well as a multi-sensory journey through her life experiences and observations.

This honest and brave live piece by Imelda - reflects the personal struggles, conflicts & vulnerability of an Artist during their creative process usually in solace and hidden behind the walls of their own very private space.

During the piece participants are not just welcomed in to observe Imelda completing her debut book of poems or crafting lyrics for her forthcoming album, they can also spend time within the space when Imelda is not present - encouraged to put down their own words and expressions on paper to become a part of the overall piece.


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