Latitude Festival Inaugeration - Current day

Lavish are proud to have been involved in the multi award winning Latitude Festival since its inauguration in 2006.

When Melvin Benn, creator of Latitude Festival & MD of Festival Republic, came up with the concept of the Latitude Festival an inspirational new festival that refreshingly differed from others in being as much about the Arts as it was about Music.

Our unique creative approach to production and design naturally led to a thriving collaborative partnership with Melvin and Festival Republic that still continues to flourish with the approach of next year's festival.

Lavish were briefed to focus on creating a series of iconic elements for the festival and we have embraced the opportunity. One of our first ideas resulted in Latitudes famous multi-coloured sheep grazing by the lake. (All totally animal-friendly and long before Madonna & many others got the idea!)

With the experience of the guests and attention to detail firmly at the forefront of the concepts, Lavish devised unique forms of signage, which gelled together the overall aesthetic of the event, all of which are works of art in themselves.

Highly detailed scenic interiors were created for the guests to enjoy in the main Arena: giant books entice booklovers into the Literary arena, where the stage is transformed into a writers garret, complete with bookcases, armchair and lamp.

A series of Lavish delights also await festival-goers amidst the ancient woodland of the site: Live Art with in the Woods and the Latitude Contemporary Art prize and exhibition gallery which boast one of Britain's largest art awards, the Lavish Lounge which now hosts BBC3's Late Junction live performances and this year hosted acts such as 'Graveola' and 'Melt Yourself Down', The Big Screen In the Woods which alongside the LCA art installations presents a separate artist, film and live art DJ programme including works this year by artists such as Don Letts, Harry K, Paul Burgess, Phil Hartnol, Dennis McNany, Kate Street, Jim Hobbs, Mordant Music and ‘Do you love me like I love you’ Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollards selection of 14 new short films commissioned by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

Each year Lavish are also commissioned to create bespoke performances for the opening and closing of the Festival- Le Belle Reve. Staged on the Waterfront we have featured World class performances by Joji Hirota and Hiten Ryu Daiko, Cie Quidams, The Irrepressibles to name but a few.

This year Lavish were proud to present ‘Water Dance’ created & performed by the World famous Italian company –Studio Festi who are unprecedented in their creative vision & large-scale productions. Their spectacles are renowned internationally for their unique use of machinery, aerial dance, video, set and dramaturgical elements as well as visionary re-visitation of rituals such as the parade.

Their performance at Latitude this year was no exception as they took the sky and water to create an elegantly fantastical piece that incorporated ballerina’s performing atop the bow of motorized pontoons to a backdrop of beautifully lit and helium filled Swans and Orbs ambulating along the river in a skillfully choreographed routine. They were later joined by an aerialist tumbling and diving meters above the heads of the audience, as she dangled from a giant floating sphere lit up like the moon, for a finale that resonated as a stunning crescendo of light, music and movement.

Last year we enraptured audiences in a stunning kaleidoscopic aural and visual feast, as night descended four giant inflatable white figures danced with one another walking across the very water itself in a spectacular and surreal aquatic ballet. Following on from the previous years performance where Lavish presented the Baroque-shock, ten-piece pop orchestra ‘The Irrepressibles’` in a performance of their Human Music Box. Floating on the lake inside a rotating six-by-six metre box, the orchestra moving like clockwork marionettes re-created the exuberant theatricality of a Baroque-inspired fantasy, alternating between moments of emotional intensity to moments of playful abandon.

All of these elements designed to define and embellish the impressive and unique programming at Latitude to create a truly unique experience.

"Words cannot express my gratitude; I can only say thanks for the marvellous creative input of Ami & the Lavish team. Thank you for helping to make Latitude a festival with a difference and a very, very well received critical success."
Melvin Benn, MD - Festival Republic, Creator of Latitude Festival.



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