Name: Miss B. Have
Type: Cabaret / Circus Performance / Freak Shows
Themes: Fetish / Halloween
Location: UK

A Guinness World Record holder, Miss B. Have is one of the last surviving female Sword Swallowers in the World. This delightfully dark diva is as unique and bizarre as the world she inhabits, with an affinity for the absurd, and all the versatility of vaudeville.

Miss B. Have's act blends cabaret with vaudeville for an eclectic live act which encompasses swordswallowing, dance, and physical comedy; and has earned her a number guest appearances on television shows such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and Don't try this at home.
Miss B. Have has performed all over the world, bewildering audiences at Glastonbury, The Royal Opera Company, Circus of Horrors, Erotica and the Kamikaze Freak Show; and is available as a Mistress of Ceremonies, a Cabaret act, or Festival act.


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