Name: Crazy Girl
Type: Cabaret / DJ / Music
Themes: Avant-garde / Disco / Haute Couture
Location: UK / International

Crazy Girl is a truly unique musical/ cabaret act blending surf, punk, psychadelia and electro pop. She has performed all over the world and is a regular performer at some of London’s most glamorous nightclubs. Originally from the deep south of Columbus - Georgia, USA - Tiff’s Bible-belt upbringing with fire and brimstone prophecies helped ignite her imagination, and having self-taught herself the skills for all the mediums she works in, her videos are colourful, twisted, humorous, and thought-provoking, with a strong emphasis on story-telling.

Crazy Girl has shown her work at Latitude Festivals, Reading and Leeds Festivals, Industrial Revolution in Manchester, Optronica Festival in London, Stuttgart Festival of Animation, and Mid-E festival in San Sebastian, Spain; and has done guest vocals for many well-known acts such as Groove Armada, Depth Charge, Chicken Lips and Panico, to name a few.

Witnessing Crazy Girl live is a bit like being at a séance: she’s possessed with the spirit of rock and roll – and the kind of spirit you could only get from the Deep South, at that. She throttles around the stage and crowd with the energy of a hurricane and after the storm dies down you’ll find you’ve been left with a little piece of rock in your soul. Her attitude is pure punk rock. She wows crowds with her riotous music, irreverent humour, and unique, self-crated animations.


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