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Name: Wesley D'Alessandro, Brazil
Type: Performance - Live Art / Dance / Installations / Urban Dance
Themes: Contemporary / Avant-garde / Interactive
Location: International

Experimental Dance Theater , Performance Art, Provocative Physical Instalations


Brazilian Dancer and Choreographer, Wesley D'Alessandro initiated his dance studies in Classical Ballet in 1990. In 2000, he started his graduation in Contemporary Dance and Choreography, became Dance and Movement Bachelor in 2003 (Universidade Anhembi Morumbi). As a dancer, he worked with the choreographers Gigi Caciuleanu, Aloísio Avaz, Hiroshi Koike, Otto Pichler and Stephan Thoss. Beween 2000-- 2005, D'Alessandro was dancer and choregrapher in the CAOS! Art Co. (São Paulo/Brazil), and performed in the SESC Bienal de Dança (Santos/Brazil), Festival Internacional da NovaDança (Brasília/Brazil), Seminário Senac Corpo&Tecnologia (São Paulo/Brazil), 1,2 na Dança (Belo Horizonte/Brazil), Laboratório de Improvisação do Mercosul (Santiago del Estero/ Argentina) and Norddeutsches Tanztreffen (Hannover/ Germany). In 2004, for his solo "No escuro", D'Alessandro was laureated with the "Prêmio Novos e Novíssimos Coreógrafos Intépretes" [New and Newest Choreographer-Interpreters Prize] (São Paulo City Hall) and with the "Prêmio Cidade de Vitória" [City of Vitória Prize] (Vitória City Hall). In 2005, his solo "SONHO SÓ" was sponsored by the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil and performed in the Dança em Pauta Festival (São Paulo/Brazil). Since 2006, D'Alessandro is living in Germany where he has working as guest dancer and choreographer. In 2007, he choreographed "Ties&Legs" for the Staatstheater Wiesbaden with première on the Seitensprünge Festival (Wiesbaden/ Germany) and, in 2008, "Doppel" for the Staatsoper Hannover with première on the New Steps Festival (Hannover/Germany). In 2009, for his solo "...should have a chair", he got the Audience Prize in "Das Beste deutsche Tanzsolo" [The best german Dance Solo] of the euro-scene Festival (Leipzig/ Germany). In 2010, with the production of Iyabo Kaczmarek, D'Alessandro choreographed the Dance-Theater Performance "IDENTITY" presented in the Aegidienkirche and Georgsplatz (Hannover/Germany), sponsored by the Funds: Region Hannover, ŠHannover Stiftung and Kulturbüro Hannover In the same year, he performed in the Physical-Theater production "Rache ist Süß" of the Quimera Theater, with direction of Renzo Solórzano and performances in the Theaterhaus (Hildesheim/Germany) and SofaLoft (Hannover/Germany). In 2011, with direction of Tina Lanik, Wesley D'Alessandro worked as a guest choreographer for the Soeren Voima's piece "Ursprung der Welt" of the Schauspielhaus Hannover (Hannover/Germany) where D'Alessandro is currently working as guest dancer and choreographer for the Anne Lepper's piece "Seymour" with direction of Claudia Bauer and première on January,08/2012.


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