Name: Raph Dumas
Type: Bands / Disco / DJ / Music
Themes: Country & Western / Disco / Rock'n'roll
Location: International

DJ, stage performer , producer of catalan music


RAPH DUMAS, Spain. During the last 15 years, Raph Dumas has done it all! He counts record shop owner, label manager, DJ, stage performer and producer as his occupation. He has been a professional record spinner for over a decade and a half. His dedication behind the decks has given him the opportunity to spin records all over mainland Europe and beyond. Raph Dumas made the logical step to become a producer and set up the Enjoy and Lace imprints, which were the first independent dance music labels in the Catalunya. More recently, he has recorded with famous musician Pascal Comelade and co-produced Renaud Papillon Paravelís third album. Dumas started The Primaveras project to celebrate the music of his grandfather and his Catalonian heritage. On record, they released the acclaimed Ode To Tanguy Jo album in 2009 on Enjoy Recordings and two sought after 7 inch singles. The groupís music was taken to heart in Catalunya, where it can be heard on radio. Dumas put together an orchestra named La Cobla Mil.Lenaria, who have played at festivals such as Transmusicales in Rennes. Despite involvement in other musical spheres, Raph Dumas has never neglected DJing or club culture. In 2009, he put out Multi-Electronics and A Rare Toy on Lace Recordings. In 2010 he released The Greatest Funk Of Your Life, which reflects his ability to give you an orgasmic experience on the dancefloor. Coblism is therefore the next logical step for Raph Dumas, combining elements of both his musical past and present.


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