Name: Inkodancers
Type: contemporary/hiphop / Breakdance / Cabaret / Classical / Dance / Drag / Erotic / Fantasy / Fire & Pyro / Freak Shows / Halloween / Jazz / Kids Circus / Promo / Punk Rock n' ska / Statues / Themed / Urban Dance / Walk About / Fashion / Models
Themes: clock work orange/misfits/pans lab/clowns/90s remix/punk rock/This is england style/musicla theatre classics / Avant-garde / Camp / Fairytale / Fetish / Halloween / Haute Couture / Interactive / Rock'n'roll / Saucy / Urban Gritty / Valentines / Wildlife / Christmas / Gothic / 1920's / Circus
Location: UK

Unique experimental dance fusion


INKODANCERS are the leading alternative dance company in london. Inko have performed throughout the UK and Europe, performing at high profile and corporate events. As a company they fuse contemporary and hiphop to create an experience that thinks outside the box. They are a unique/experimental company that can offer bespoke choreography to create the best experience! They offer different shows fusing fire, breakdancing, free running and dance to create something special and exciting for the viewer. They are experimental, theirr shows are quirky, sexual, erotic and have a mass amount of energy and style!


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