Name: Echange Theatre
Type: Theatre / Interactive / Music
Themes: mega-multicultural / Avant-garde / Interactive / Oriental / Rock'n'roll / Urban Gritty
Location: UK / International

With a cast from many different origins, and the use of multi-lingualism, different accents and voices, Every show of Echange Theatre is a sensorial experience, with the strong input of new media, visual imagery and Original music. They are all translated from their original language devised with a strong physical input. The Flies by JP Sartre was a gritty performance with Israeli, Indian, Japanese, French, British and Mauritian artists, where Existentialism met Fight Club ! With a Live Rock band on stage and real choreographed fights ! Reviews: "Mega-multicultural Echange Theatre has done the unimaginable" "Enthralling to watch" "gripping action" 4 stars- Fringe review. "An amazingly intense production" The Scotsman.


Echange Theatre was created by Mauritian-French actor-director-playwright David Furlong in order to produce unknown foreign plays in the Uk and revisit forgotten French classics. This with the importance of cultural encounters. Along the way, the company met Opera, Live rock music, Live projections, Live footages, Arcade Fire, the Irrepressibles, A riot in Heaven, 19-27, and the shows became much more than just theatre.


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