Name: The Irrepressibles
Type: Bands / Burlesque Rock / Music / Period / Fashion
Themes: Pop Baroque Orchestra / Avant-garde / Haute Couture
Location: UK

Baroque Pop Orchestra 'The Irrepressible' are a revelation; their revolutionary pop music brings audiences to sell-out shows across London and to arts radio across the globe.


With Lavish as their live show producers, the Irrepressibles are fresh from dazzling audiences in theatres and grand venues across Europe from Paris, Sicily, Rome, Brussels, Poland and Anwerp to name but a few. Think Busby Berkeley meets Klaus Nomi, Jamie McDermott’s nine-piece theatrical orchestra fantastical, The Irrepressibles are as unique and diverse as their sound. Songs slide effortlessly through Gershwin-styled verses, samba-riddled bridges to end in Baroque ornamentation. The resulting sound is a perfectly androgynous musical style, and one pivoted in real stories of metropolitan life and uncompromising passion. Their ‘performance art pop’ has been compared to artists such as Laurie Anderson, The Velvet underground and early David Bowie. Though this is where the comparison ends. The 'Irrepressibles’ sound is certainly like nothing heard before.


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